SOUVENIR SPOON BOOKS is all about joy. Oh sure, I could tell you about schools of poetry and hard-bitten desires to transform the world. But that’s all secondary. Tertiary really. What I hope to do with this imprint is publish books of poetry that I really love. Small or large, full or chap, the size is not as important as the joy the work brings me. This is the only reason, well, the best reason to publish books. So, I hope you enjoy the books that are here. You may enjoy other books I have the chance to put out in the future. May I be so lucky. Dan Vera

P.S. Why "souvenir spoon" as the name?
I collect souvenir spoons. Yes. Seriously. It's a by-product of my larger vice of insane snobbish coffee drinking. I find old souvenir spoons to be little works of art that "speak" with a sense of place and are the products of enormous craftsmanship. Just like the books of poetry I seek to publish.


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